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eCon Artist Podcast Videos

eCon Artist Introduction
eCon Artist 101: How to Say Economics
eCon Artist 102: Why I Like Economics
eCon Artist 103: Economics is Not Perfect
eCon Artist 104: What is Economics
eCon Artist 105: Game Theory
eCon Artist 106: The Prisoner's Dilemma

Economics Podcast Videos

ECON 101: How to Say Economics
ECON 102: Why I Like Economics
ECON 103: Economics Is Not Perfect
ECON 104: What is Economics
ECON 105: Scarcity
ECON 106: Excel
ECON 107: R
ECON 108: Game Theory
ECON 109: A Beautiful Wrench
ECON 110: The Prisoner's Dilemma

Improv Podcast Videos

Artist 101: Snape Eats Death
Artist 102: I Love To Hate That
Artist 103: Duck Season
Artist 104: Cell Mates
Artist 105: Video Game Police Academy
Artist 106: Call Backs


eCon Artist discusses topics primarily related to the academic field of economics and mixes in comedic elements such as improv comedy. We aim to be a source of informative entertainment.

eCon Artist's purpose is to provide a home for intellectual curiosity and humor. We will explore topics typically brought up in an economic curriculum and the material will be used to inspire improv comedy scenes. As we figure things out we'll continue to grow and evolve with our content and delivery.

Please let us know your thoughts on what directions this endeavor can take.

John DeWolf


He loves growing his mind and holds masters degrees in economics, statistics, and business administration. He also seeks out self development with comedy and other creative avenues.

Chad Havas


He is a teacher of mathematics and economics. He has also pursued his self development with improv comedy and has been practicing and performing for over five years.


Please email us at econartist2018@gmail.com and let us know if you have any questions or thoughts!